Do you want more participants from Japan?

There is a lot of great events all over the world.
We encourage Japanese people to join more of those events regardless of the language and payment problems.

We offer a very simple service and more options for you.

Our services

Registration for Japanese Participants

  • We will take care Japanese participants to register your races in Japanese. Most local payment methods are accepted so that many people can join easily.
  • This plan includes translation of the event information, a confirmation email for the registration and a reminder email for the event.
Basis Rate Free
Commission Charge 10% of the registration fee
Deposit 2 weeks after registration closing
Bank Transfer Fee Actual cost(Bank transfer, TransferWise)



基本利用料 無料
  • 大会HPの確認により返答できる質問1往復につき 1,000円(税込)
  • 主催者様への確認が必要な質問1往復につき 1,500円(税込)

Promotion in Japan


Fee 10,000JPY+10% of advertisement fee
Example For a 30,000JPY Advertisement,

We would like to help in many ways. Please do not hesitate to contact us.