Date 22 September, 2019(Sun)
Location Okayama(Shinjo)

A stunning race through Hiruzen beech forest. Enjoy one of the biggest trail running races in Western Japan. You will enjoy Shinjo village and Hiruzen area.



Category Distance Entry Fee
Long Course 72km (Elevation gain 3,252m) JPY15,000
Middle Course 25km (Elevation gain 1,368m) JPY6,000


21 September(Sat) Event Venue
13:00~18:00 Athlete Check In fureai center(ふれあいセンター)
15:00~16:00 Race Breefing Shinjo junior high school(新庄中学校)
16:30~18:00 Meetup party fureai center(ふれあいセンター)

*For the Long course participants,
Please make sure that you need to register on the day BEFORE the race. There is no chance on the race day.

22 September(Sun) Event Venue
4:45 Start ceremony(Long course) fureai center(ふれあいセンター)
5:00 Race Start(Long course)
7:00~8:30 Athlete Check In(Middle course)
8:45 Start ceremony(Long course)
9:00 Race Start(Middle course)
15:00 Award ceremony
15:30 Lottery
20:00 Race finish

Mandatory gear

Each participant will need to carry with them at all times the following items.
  • A mobile phone
  • Supply of water of 1 litre minimum
  • Waterproof Jacket
  • Running Shoes
  • Personal beaker
  • Bear bell
  • Portable toilet
  • ID card
  • First aid kit
  • Bibs
  • Torche in good working order
  • Map

Transportation and Accomodation

– Shuttle service(from JR Okayama Station)

Shuttle Bus to race venue.
Has to be reserved during registration.

The most convenient way is to take a shuttle bus from JR Okayama Station(JPY 8,000/seat, round trip).

Shuttle Bus schedule
  • 21 Sep, 11:00 JR Okayama Station West exit → 13:00 Race venue
  • 22 Sep, 21:00 Race venue → 23:00 JR Okayama Station West exit

– Accomodation

There is a community hall near the start point, which could accommodate some. (JPY 3,000 for a room share with 10 ppl)
There is also a hotel in Hiruzen which is 10km far from the race.

Terms of Application

You must understand and accept the rules and regulations below.
  1. Any type of event change, cancellation, transfer of rights, name changes of applicant for personal reasons after completing application is not allowed. Also, the refund of overpayment/duplicate payment will not be made. In the case of oversubscription, even if the payment for participation fee is completed within the term for payment, there are cases where applications become void depending on their payment dates. In such a case, refunds will be made by the organizer.
  2. Regarding reduction of the event size, cancellation, presence, or absence/amount/notification method of participation fee refund and so forth due to an earthquake, windstorm and flood, snowfall, incident, accident, epidemic, etc., the organizer will make judgments and decisions on a case-by-case basis.
  3. I have no heart disease, sickness, etc. I will participate in the event paying full attention to my health and doing enough training. I will participate in the event taking full responsibility for possible sickness and injuries, accident, loss of belongings, etc.
  4. When the organizer considers my participation to be difficult, I will immediately follow the organizer’s instructions to withdraw from the event. Additionally, I will follow the organizer’s instructions for safety management and event management.
  5. When I am injured or developed illness during the event period, I will not object receiving first-aid treatment. I will not question the organizer’s responsibility for the method, developments, etc.
  6. Regarding an accident, loss of belongings, sickness, and injuries incurred by myself during the event period, I hold the organizer harmless and will not make any claim against the organizer for compensation for damage, etc. thereof.
  7. I understand that the compensation for an accident, sickness, or injuries incurred by myself during the event period will only be made within the scope of the insurance taken out by the organizer.
  8. When participant is a minor; family, relatives and guardian have already given their approval for participation in the event.
  9. I will not make false declarations about my age, sex, etc., or participate in the event on behalf of any person other than the applicant himself/herself or as a substitute. In the case such an act has been detected, I will obey decisions made by the organizer, such as cancellation of the participation/commendation, disqualification for the next and subsequent events. Additionally, the organizer will not be responsible to provide first aid, a refund, etc., to the person who has made false declaration or run as a substitute runner.
  10. I release visual images, photos, articles, records, etc., of the event (including personal information such as my name, age, sex, records, and portrait, contained therein) that I may be reported in, posted on or used in the newspapers, television broadcasting services, magazines, the Internet, brochures, etc. Additionally, I release all rights of postage and usage to the organizer.
  11. Entry information is not necessarily translated into languages other than Japanese. As long as there is no false content in the information of the races that are sent or announced, we are not responsible for any damages caused by participating in the races.
  12. The receptions, food and beverage booths, race record issuing and other race related services on the days of races are not necessarily provided in multiple languages, or translated into language other than Japanese.
  13. When inquiries are made in other languages other than Japanese, it may take longer for us to reply.
  14. The treatment of personal information of the applicants for the event will be subject to the rules of the organizer, which are provided for separately.
  15. In addition to the above-mentioned Terms of Application, I will comply with the Terms of the Event which are provided for separately by the organizer. (In the case of any discrepancies, the Terms of the Event shall prevail.)

Long course JPY15,000, Middle course JPY6,000